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“Bosyterous stands as a fashion movement, a lifestyle”

Boysterous provides aesthetic movement and passion in our approach to art
- which is communicated in everything that we produce.

Our bow ties are of hand selected oyster shells sourced from remote islands off of the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Each bow tie is designed to compliment the natural shape, color, and movement of the oyster shells to create a most beautifully exceptional and desired bow tie.

The SubtleTie is designed to make a point, filling the negative space between the points of your collar with one of the finest hand-stitched leather accessories one can procure. Our SubtleTie collection is for the contemporary and humble. One that chooses to stand out, yet remain subtle.

Our Necklace collection is designed for the refined. For the woman who wants to make a statement with the most lush neckwear in the room. Each design in the Necklace collection are made one-of-a-kind. Make a statement with Boysterous.

*All of our products are of responsibly and sustainably sourced materials. We have a passion for fashion alongside a passion for the environment. We do not believe that the two are mutually exclusive.